Coventa Inc. was created in 1976 by Mr. Jacques Parent. Coventa stands for Sales and Purchasing Consortium. Over the years, the company has distributed different product lines aimed at different industries but mainly the automotive sector. Fifteen years ago, David Parent, Jacques' son, joined the team. Under his leadership, the company began to distribute several new exclusive product lines in North America such as Stella and Nanuk products and also began to manufacture some of its products.

The team has also grown. It now has 4 representatives who crisscross Quebec, Ontario and part of the Maritimes, allowing the company to periodically visit its customers in all regions several times a year. A fifth representative has recently joined the team, thus increasing the sales force and the presence of Coventa in the field. At the same time, the company has just doubled the surface area of ??its warehouse. This will allow Coventa to guarantee its customers a better supply so that they can always have products available for sale at all times.

Finally, a new person joined the customer service department, thus reducing the time between order and delivery a little more. Coventa is now able to guarantee delivery within 24 hours on virtually all of its products in most areas covered by our representatives.

Because a rapid supply of innovative and quality products guarantees our customers better profitability and above all greater responsiveness, thus creating better customer retention!

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